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The online Ed.S. degree with emphasis in district-level educational administration prepares experienced principals or building administrators for specialization in central office positions, including superintendent or associate superintendent roles. The program provides an opportunity for practicing administrators to enhance their professional skills and gain a deeper understanding across the professional field including facilities planning, school finance, governmental and legal aspects of special education, and other integrate experiences that bring together the application of theory to practice. Upon completion of the program of study and passing the School Superintendent's Assessment, graduates will be recommended for District Administration/Superintendent certification. Students who complete the Educational Specialist degree as outlined above and satisfactorily pass the Pearson School Superintendent Assessment (059) will be recommended for District Administration/Superintendent certification. Students must provide copies of their score reports from the School Superintendent's Assessment to the UMKC-SOE certification manager at the time they initiate the application for certification. Passing score for the Superintendent Assessment is 200 on the 100-to-300 scale.

Admissions & Requirements

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  1. Provide a copy of a valid teaching certificate.
  2. Provide a copy of a current permanent or professional school administrator/principal license/certificate to teach.
  3. Have at least two years of full-time certified teaching, supervisory, or administrative experience, or any combination thereof, in elementary, middle or secondary schools under a fully licensed teaching certificate (temporary or provisional certification does not meet this requirement).
  4. Provide a transcript demonstrating completion of a course in psychology or education of the exceptional child.
  5. Possess a master's degree with a GPA of at least 3.25
NOTE: Individuals residing in NC are not able to enroll in this program.

To apply to this program:

Apply Now

Application Deadlines

July 1
November 1
April 1


  • EDCI 5505Curriculum and Theory3 Credits

    Course focuses on curriculum theory in general

  • EDCI 5506Curriculum design3 Credits

    course focuses on curriculum design in general

  • EDCI 5591Curriculum and Instruction 3 Credits

    Course focues on district level curriculum and instruction issues related to academic advancement.

  • EDRP 5502Advanced Educational Psychology3 Credits

    Courses focus on Behavioral aspects of education in general

  • EDRP 5505Statistical Methods 13 Credits

    Course focuses on Statistical Methods for research *A total of 6 hours of research coursework is required. If a 3-hour research course is not included on the Master’s transcript, candidates must include either EDRP 5608 (Introduction to Graduate Research) or EDRP 5522 (Principles of Testing) or EDRP 5508 (Principles and Methods of Research)

  • EDRP 5510Child Behavior & Development3 Credits
  • EDRP 5512Adolescent Development and the School3 Credits
  • EDUC-UL 5501Foundations Of School Leadership & Organization3 Credits

    Participants will study as cohort team members actively engaged in clinical/practical endeavors in schools, concepts and theories focused: 1) to understand and apply modern leadership and organization development theory in relation to school organizational cultures; 2) to understand both the development of productive school relationships and the theoretical concepts of the legal responsibilities of schools in the society; 3) to develop a plan for principal certification based upon participant needs and experiences; and 4) to build school cultures that are collaborative, participative, reflective, and self renewing.

  • EDUC-UL 5575Internship In Administration1 to 6 Credit

    Applied experiences in a planned, supervised educational administration program. Seminar accompanies internship experiences.

  • EDUL 5510Planning Educational Facilities3 Credits

    Course focuses on Facilities planning for District Level Supervision.

  • EDUL 5512School Finance3 Credits

    Course focused on District Level Finance supervision and planning.

  • EDUL 5516Government and Legal Aspects of Specinal Education3 Credits

    Course focuses on experiences and legal presidents in special education

  • EDUL 5525Cultural Foundations of Education3 Credits
  • EDUL 5526 Philosophical Foundations of Education3 Credits

    Courses focus on Humanistic issues related to education in general

  • EDUL 5527Historical Foundations of Education3 Credits
  • EDUL 5528Sociological Foundations of Education3 Credits
  • EDUL 5626Theories in Educational Administration3 Credits

    Course focuces on educational theories in superintendent leadership

  • EDUL 5627Advanced Educational Supervision3 Credits

    Course focuses on issues related to superintendent district level supervision

  • EDUL 5628The Superindentency 3 Credits

    Course focuses on issues related to the superintendentcy and leading a school district

Tuition & Fees

Missouri Resident Fee Rates
  • Per Credit Hour
  • Tuition: $377.00
  • Fees: $59.10
  • Total: $436.10
  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $1131.00
  • Fees: $177.30
  • Total: $1308.30
Missouri Non-Resident Fee Rates
  • Per Credit Hour
  • Tuition: $973.30
  • Fees: $59.10
  • Total: $1032.40
  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $2919.90
  • Fees: $177.30
  • Total: $3097.20
Missouri Midwest Exchange Fee Rates
  • Per Credit Hour
  • Tuition: $417.00
  • Fees: $59.10
  • Total: $476.10
  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $1251.00
  • Fees: $177.30
  • Total: $1428.30
Metro Fee Rates
  • Per Credit Hour
  • Tuition: $377.00
  • Fees: $59.10
  • Total: $436.10
  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Tuition: $1131.00
  • Fees: $177.30
  • Total: $1308.30
Tuition rates are subject to change.

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